5 Reasons why learning Steel Pan as an adult is beneficial


Learning to play steel pan or read music as an adult may seem like a difficult task, frustrating or near impossible. But really it’s far from the truth and in fact it’s a lot easier as they bring experience, focus and a willingness to learn as key advantages.  

It’s never too late to learn, you have not missed the train of music learning.

1. You already have an understanding of music

Adults have a higher level of understanding when it comes to music, understanding basic structures and abstract musical notations. Your ability to focus makes it considerably easy and faster to acquire steel pan music as oppose to kids where it takes a step by step approach to achieve musical learning ability.

2. Learning to play Steel Pan is a Choice – no one is forcing you.

While some kids feel compelled to play an instrument — either by their parents or their lofty goals, like entrance to a university. You are the masters of your own destiny. With your passion for choice of learning it increases your ability to learn faster.

3. Playing the Steel Pan is like a full workout for the body and the brain.

As in our last blog “6 benefits of Steel Pan (music)”, we sited that Steel Pan can give the brain a full workout and it’s the same for adults.  The memorizing of musical notations or even simply reading music keeps your brain active and starves off memory loss and dementia. It can also give the entire body a full physical workout by the hype of the music, the steel pan instrument you are playing and the coordinated rhythmic dancing of performers.

4. Playing Steel Pan relieves stress which is more valuable now than when you were a child.  

Stress reduction is more valuable to you now than when you were a child. Playing steel pan can serve as an escape from the office long hours that can at times prove to be stressful. Playing can also help you practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the state of being fully aware of the current moment, without being distracted by past events or future worries. Meditation is a common way to exercise mindfulness, but practicing your scales or learning a song works well, too. Being social can also help reduce stress. As part of the Academy classes you interact with other adults and perform together.

5. No age limit to learning Steel Pan

There is absolutely no age limit to learning steel pan. Whether you are between the ages of 20 to 60, you as an adult have a capacity for continuous learning and the ability to achieve steel pan playing success. At the Academy you can be sure we will take you from not knowing to a place where you feel confident to perform a song. Remember, age is only a number, and should never be a roadblock in your pursuit to become a steel pan musician or to simply play for the fun of it.