10 Things you should know about the Steel Pan Instrument.

Things you should know about the steel pan instrument.png

1. The steel pan instrument was invented in the 1930’s in Trinidad and Tobago


2. The world’s largest steel pan was invented by Mr. Jumo Wahtuso Trinidad and Tobago and has been inducted in the Guinness World book of records. The instrument measures 104cm (3ft 4in) wide and 84cm (2ft 9in) tall. The width of its skirt is 18cm (7in).


3. The term crackshot in the steel pan industry is used to describe a steel pan player who plays the instrument to perfection.


4. There are different types of families a musical instrument belongs to, for example the violin is classified as part of the string family, the flute is part of the woodwind family, the trumpet is part of the brass family and the steel pan instrument is classified under the percussion family of instruments.


5. Panorama is the largest steel pan festival that happens once a year in the season of carnival.


6. The first steel pan Panorama festival was held in 1963 as part of the carnival festivities. 


7. Traditionally calypso music is performed on the steel pan during the Panomara festival but in the 2018 panorama we have seen a new trend of Soca music being played.


8. The fourths and fifths arrangement of notes for the tenor pan was designed by Anthony Williams. The notes have become the standard for the lead pan.


9. The Steel pan can be played with three or four pan sticks which is usually done by skilled steel pan professionals.


10. A pan stick is also refereed to as a mallet which is used to play the notes of the steel pan instrument to generate musical sound.