Panimation - Legends of Panderica

Legends of Panderica are the animated series of the Benoit Academy of Steel Pan. It’s a cultural film that uses Steel Pan characters to tell stories of the Steel Pan evolution and how it all began in a world that we like to call, The World of Panderica. The film series is also educational and will tell stories of morals and perseverance and will also inspire kids to become all that they can be.


This animated film series will also get kids interested in the Steel Pan instrument as Panimation brings fun and creativity to the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. With this cultural film we will shine a spot light on Steel Pan and bring it alive in many creative ways using animation.


All the sacred pan music of Panderica has escaped from a Pandorian like box causing our group of heroes to search all throughout the land to retrieve the mystic tones and in the process, learn more about their culture AND themselves.
  • The show is has three standard plot lines:
  • Weekly Adventure: On the way to finding the next song
  • Personal Discovery/Moral: Societal Issues addressed (during and at the end of episode) by the steel pan characters
  • Music Education/Education: About that week’s featured pan track as well as general education notes (how to count, the right spelling etc)