Benoit Academy - Management Team

Management Team

Mr. Mikyle Padia

Programs Coordinator
Benoit Academy of Steel Pan

Programmes coordinator of the Benoit Academy of Steel Pan. I am 23 years old. I attended Success Laventille Secondary School, St Joseph's Collage and Sixth Form Government where I studied Natural Life Sciences. I am currently perusing an Associate Degree in Chemistry will be completed it in September 2017. Despite my science background, I have been involved in steel pan and the arts from a young age. From the ages of 6 -10 I began learning the steel pan and although I did not continue to learn at a later age, my appreciation of the steel pan and by extension the arts started there. Later on, from ages 16 -23, I became further interested in the arts and joined the Eastern Youth Chorale in which i stayed a year and Anointed Characters Theatre Company where I still participate. It was in July 2014 when I joined the CEO, Mr. Brian Benoit, of the Benoit Academy of Steel Pan on this journey for the betterment of the steel pan industry.

Mr. Carlton Emanuel

CEO of Identifi
Creative Director
Benoit Academy of Steel

Mr. Emanuel is a dynamic and innovative young man. As a Graphic Artist, Carlton is encouraged to explore his creative genius. His responsibilities include designing and publishing the Company’s promotional material, tasks he thoroughly enjoys and approaches with great enthusiasm. His belief in personal development is evident in his deep rooted interest in a myriad of subject areas which include nutrition, health and fitness, graphic design and art.