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Course List


Steel Pan Making & Tuning (PANSEC)©

This program is taught to Primary and Secondary School students in a program titled PANSEC-Pan making and tuning for Primary and Secondary school students. Students learn how the national instrument is made and has to opportunity to make one themselves. This program is also taught outside of the school system to individuals.

Mon Apr 16

Steel Pan Literacy©

This program teaches how to play the steel pan and to read music theory at the beginners, intermediate and advance level. Certificate upon completion.


Steel Pan Workshops©

The academy conducts steel pan workshops which comprises of the History of steel pan its inventors, pan craft, steel pan festivals, steel pan careers and different types of steel pan instruments. Certificate upon completion.

Sat Jul 02


An individual or group of people who manages, perform or own a Steel Pan business in the Steel Pan industry. The pantrepreneurship program will seek to educate steelpan performers in marketing, financing, contract law and proposal writing to assist them to excel at a professional level both locally, regionally and internationally.